The company has built a strong experience in the field of external operations (export) whether it be by his material (containerized and tropicalized) or his staff of technicians high voltage recruited among graded military seniors and civilian. Our staff can manage the whole of site and realize themselves the connectors high voltage. Although autonomous, they remain in constant contact with their manager and the engineering office for advice and follow up business. Our staff are quickly deployable whatever the geographical area or political issues.

We intervened in Chad, Central African Republic, Mali, Niger, Kosovo, Bosnia, Egypt, Djibouti, and Afghanistan…

Independent living

Study, design, realisation, implementation of power supply solution with several production sources (Fuel generator, local area network, renewable energy…)integrated in tropicalized container ISO (10′, 20′ et 40′).

Providing subsection for the creation of independent living either in high voltage central (voltage step-up, distributor and step down voltage) or in low voltage with main low voltage board and electrical distribution board.

Installation, Maintenance and Exploitation of exterior operating

KOSOVO: After installing 2 interconnected high voltage central for a total of 9.5 MVA productions on the base KFOR in Novo Selo, we carried out the operation and maintenance of high voltage network during more 10 years for the French army and l’OTAN.

Plants composed:

  • 14 Fuel generator
  • 8 Step-up voltage 410V/20 kV
  • 2 distributors HTA 20 kV
  • 13 Step-down voltage 20 kV/410V over 2 high voltage loops.