The high current remains a main business for NOVAE. Our experience makes it possible to realize all kind of work in high current for industry but also for tertiary or accommodation.

We realized study design and complete wiring of your switchboards and control cabinets as stipulated by the specification and by the rules of art.

High voltage distribution

  • Construction High voltage
  • Transformation 20kV/400V
  • High current distribution until main low voltage boards

Receivers distributions

  • main low voltage boards and electrical safety table installation
  • Prises forces and implementation of lighting network
  • Power site installation
  • Surge protector installation
  • Installation of capacitors battery


Since 1999, NOVAE has the management of electrical works creation of cabinet and various high current and weak current electrical work.

The Beaubourg center trusted us for 2 markets purchase order:

  • Market order from electrical work
  • telephone maintenance and work of virtual desktop infrastructure

But also for different work such as:

  • Reconfiguring galleries 1 and 2 to 6 at 6 (2015)
  • Installing a TGBT repainted in the colors imposed from 3200 at the 6th floor of the center. (2009/2010)
  • Development work: Young audience (2010/2011)